April 14, 2016

30 Years of Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

By Shayn Morris Heathrow Airport News

The terminal 4 of Heathrow airport turned 30 on 1st April, 2016. On 1st April 1986, His Highness Prince Charles and Princess Diana opened this terminal with an initial cost of £200m because of increased demand for air travel. The first passengers travelled through this terminal on 12th April, 1986.

Before 2008, the terminal was used by only British Airways. In 2008, they moved to terminal 5 and then SkyTeam airline alliance group started working here, which consists of 35 airlines.

In its 30 years, the terminal 4 has been used by millions of passengers. Last year, it handled 53,357 flights and watched 9.2 million passengers walking through its gates.

The terminal had a nickname ‘fantasy island’ back in its starting days because it was isolated and there were no buildings around it. With the passage of time, other parts of the airport were built around it.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

On its 30th birthday, Ray Stanley, who is working on the terminal since the day one, talked about its history. He said:

“I originally worked for a company called Field Aircraft Services which was located on the site where the terminal is today. We saw those buildings get knocked down and Terminal 4 pop up in its place. A whole load of us started working in the new building in February 1986 and we were here when it was opened by Princess Diana.”

This year, the 70th anniversary of Heathrow airport is also coming in May and it will be celebrated with joy and happiness. We hope that till that day, the expansion decision is made in the favour of Heathrow airport.

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