April 29, 2016

‘British Exit’ to strengthen the case of Expansion at Heathrow

By Shayn Morris Heathrow Airport News

There is a chance that UK may leave the European Union (EU). Heathrow boss thinks that this decision may be good for Heathrow airport. He thinks that it will strengthen the expansion case of Heathrow because, with the Brexit (British Exit), the country will need more trading routes.

In his recent media talk, he said:

“An exit (from the EU) would create a bigger need for what Heathrow would offer, which is direct flights to long haul markets. It would be bizarre if we were to exit the EU but then find ourselves reliant on flying through Paris to get to the growing markets.”

A quarter of Britain’s exports are moved through Heathrow airport. The airport is working on full capacity and struggling to add new routes because the government has delayed the decision of expansion.

Heathrow Airport Expansion
Heathrow Airport Expansion

On the other hand, Heathrow airport has had a strong start this year. Both the passenger numbers and profits have risen in the first three months of 2016. An increase of 21.1% was seen in the pre-tax profit because a total of 16.8 million passengers used Heathrow in the first quarter of 2016.

With this increase, the Heathrow airport boss said:

“At a time of uncertainty about Britain’s place in the world, families and businesses are counting on the prime minister to secure Britain’s long term future. An expanded Heathrow will be an economic powerhouse, a global symbol of a confident, outward looking Britain. Let’s make it happen.”

Now is the time for Heathrow expansion because everything is going in the airport’s favour. The country may need the third runway for global exports in this time of Brexit and the airport is breaking the records of profit.

Source: Reuters
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