European Union Referendum Effects the Decision of Heathrow Runway

European Union Referendum was held on 23 June 2016 and the result shows that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. This may affect the economy of UK as well as the whole transportation system. This is really a worrying situation for the authorities of London Heathrow Airport.

The government will decide whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

Heathrow Airport News
Heathrow Airport News

According to the government talking about a final decision of the third runway, the west London airport was favourite to be picked as a site for a runway. But, that’s happened when David Cameron was in charge. Brois Johnson has promised in front of bulldozers to stop the expansion at Heathrow Airport.

The Chief Executive of London Heathrow Airport said:

“Now more than ever, people across Britain are counting on the government to take bold decisions that show we are a confident outward looking trading nation. Heathrow is the right choice for a stronger Britain.”

If MR. Johnson is the Prime Minister, it would kill off the chances of Heathrow Airport and Gatwick will be back in the game. The government sources suggest that this vote won’t affect the funding. However, Heathrow is yet funded by parliament and the new prime minister will have his/her own spending priorities.

It is also questionable that what will happen with cars and rail industry. In the recent years, it will be a poor act of protecting  the air. Even carmakers say that it’s too week in 2016.

Due to the results of European Union Referendum, the whole transport industry will face the problems. The decision of third runway goes in the air and Gatwick Airport will be back in the game which is really disappointing news for the authorities of London Heathrow Airport.

Source: BBC News
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