For a Regional Support- The Battle Between London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport have been collecting support from the different regions of UK. As they continue this process, the battle between Heathrow and Gatwick to build the third runway at the airport. The CEO of Heathrow warned that the failure to build the third runway meant that northern England will lose £700 million per year which affects the trade.

The Chairman of Gatwick airport visit Belfast to try to secure backing from business leaders and Northern Irish politicians.

Heathrow Versus Gatwick
Heathrow Versus Gatwick

In this summer, the decision on whether Heathrow or Gatwick will be allowed to build a new runway is still pending. Although, this decision may affect the results of the referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union.

Heathrow has revealed the new research from Economics, which shows that the lack of connectivity between UK’s hub airports  and northern airport is costing £710 million in lost of trade per year. The figures add up to £1.7 billion annually across all UK regions.

Holland-Kayes said:

“The government is going to struggle with the foundations of the Northern Powerhouse if a third runway isn’t built to support the region’s existing connectivity. To rebalance and strengthen the British economy, the UK needs a domestic hub airport that can compete with our unconstrained hub rivals abroad, and that’s something only Heathrow can deliver.”

The Chairman of Gatwick said:
 “Gatwick believes the people of Northern Ireland deserve to hear the facts about expansion and that’s why we’ve laid out a series of achievable and practical commitments that will be of significant benefit to the aviation sector here. A network of competing airports throughout the UK is the best way to secure low fares and connections to London.”

He promise to manage to secure the backing of Belfast Airport for a second runway at the Sussex Airport. He also writes to the leaders of political parties that in Westminster he will provide a proper accommodation.

London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport is collection a support from different regions for building a runway. The decision got pending and the results of the referendum may effect the decision of building a runway.

Source: UK Airport News
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