Heathrow Third Runway Will Increase The Air Fares

According to an analysis of airport’s commission,  If a new runway build at London Heathrow Airport, then the passengers would be forced to pay high fares. This will be a surprising news for all the passengers, who prefer to travel through London Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport News
Heathrow Airport News

Another consequence of the Airport Commissiosn’s analysis shows that the growth at regional airports would have to be restricted to allow expanded capacity at Heathrow. A member of the government has appointed a commission and highlighted that prohibitive pricing for air travel would be needed whether a new runway was built or not.

Leo Murray, one of the report’s authors said:
“There has been far too little scrutiny of the Airports Commission’s proposals for squaring airport expansion in the South-east with the UK’s climate change targets, with the details hidden deep inside hundreds of pages of technical reports. Building a new runway, while still meeting our climate change commitments, is expected to add hundreds of pounds to the cost of flights from all of the UK’s airports if the commission’s proposals are enacted.”

The Heathrow Airport Spokesperson said:
“Heathrow supports the international aviation industry’s commitment to carbon-neutral growth from 2020 and the UN’s international civil aviation organisation, which plans to introduce a mandatory carbon offset system to achieve this goal.”

The decision of a third runway at London Heathrow Airport is still pending, but the airfare will increase for all the passengers whether a new runway will built or not. So, it will become difficult for the passengers to set their budget and travel expense.

Source: The Guardian
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