Heathrow Will Not Pass the Pollution Test – Goldsmith

“Heathrow Airport will only be expanded if environmental tests are rigged”. This is what Zac Goldsmith said in his recent talk with the media. The Conservative Mayoral said that the case of Heathrow airport expansion is now off the book.

Last month, the government officials delayed the decision of a third runway at Heathrow airport due to environmental factors. Many people protested against the third runway decision, as it will pollute the local areas.

Mr. Goldsmith threatened the government that he will resign from the post of MP if it backed the third runway decision.

He said, “Heathrow cannot pass the air pollution test unless the test is rigged.”

Heathrow Airport Expansion
Heathrow Airport Expansion

He added, “If Heathrow passes the air pollution test and is given a green light that could only mean that the test has been set in such a way that Heathrow was always going to pass it. I am not trusting anyone. I think Heathrow is off the agenda. I think we have won this campaign. The only way that Heathrow can be given the green light now is if the test is rigged. If the reforms are not meaningful, if they are not radical, if it doesn’t mean that we will have a more decentralised, more democratic union then, of course, I will vote to come out because that would be in the national interest.”

We can see that, according to Mr. Goldsmith, Heathrow will not pass the environmental pollution test and there is a chance that it will not have a third runway. Let’s pray that whatever decision the government takes, it is in the best interest of local people.
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