Heathrow Will Pass Air Quality Test – John Holland-Kaye

Chief Executive of Heathrow airport, John Holland-Kaye, said in his recent press conference that the airport will pass any air quality tests. He said that the airport currently meets all the environmental standards and would do so if the expansion decision is made in the favour of Heathrow.

In order to get a third runway, Airports Commission has offered two things to John Holland-Kaye. One is that there will be no fourth runway in the future, and second is that a ban will be imposed on night flights. The Chief Executive has refused this offer and said that he will not accept such propositions.

Heathrow Airport Expansion
Heathrow Airport Expansion

John Holland-Kaye said, “You may hear people say that air quality is a problem. Not so! Heathrow today meets all EU air quality rules and with expansion we will still meet them — in fact we won’t release new capacity until we can demonstrate that is the case. After the Mayoral election, after the EU referendum, the biggest issue for the Prime Minister is delivering the sustainable growth that will tackle the deficit and create that prosperity. Only saying ‘yes’ to Heathrow expansion will help him deliver that vision.”

Judging by the talks of the Chief Executive, we can say that there is a chance for Heathrow airport expansion in the future. He has also asked the Prime Minister to back the expansion decision. If Heathrow airport meets all the environmental standards, then there should be a third runway for it. The car park Heathrow problem will also gain speed as their will be more people flying through the airport.

Source: Evening Standard

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