Heathrow Airport Expansion

‘Londoners Favour Gatwick’ Poll is not Legit

YouGov, an internet-based research firm, conducted a poll last month, in order to find out whether Londoners favour Gatwick or Heathrow expansion. A total of 1000 people were asked this question. 46% of them preferred that Gatwick should get the expansion, while 34% favoured Heathrow for this task.

When the people were asked about the reason, most of them said that environmental issue is the major factor in this matter. But the officials have dismissed this poll, saying that the concerns about environmental instability are not correct.

The spokesperson of Heathrow said that:

“Technological and other improvements are available to mitigate any increases in noise, CO2 and oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) emissions arising from airport expansion. Progress in these areas has been rapid over the past 30 years and the evidence suggests that improvements are likely to continue.”

Heathrow Airport Expansion
Heathrow Airport Expansion

Heathrow has also cited a report, which states that the air pollution is not a blocker for airport expansion. The report was produced by Independent Transport Commission. Although the expansion was not directly discussed in this report, sixty two percent reduction of NOx, more advanced aircraft systems and reduction of CO2 clearly described that air pollution is not the major blocker for Heathrow airport expansion.


The published report has clearly depicted that Heathrow may get the expansion because the environmental factor isn’t going to hold up for long. However, most of the Londoners still prefer that Gatwick airport should get the expansion.

Source: Colnbrook
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