The Delay in the Expansion Plan of Heathrow Airport Is Harming the Economy

The new Prime Minister, Theresa May is facing a big challenge because the former party chairman demands an urgent decision on the expansion of London Heathrow Airport. He seriously warned that the delay in the decision is harming the economy of UK. Along with five MPs, The Tory backbenchers claimed that confidence in the government’s ambition of growing trade is being eroded. He wrote in the report that a decision is needed for showing the new leadership in UK.

Heathrow News
Heathrow News

He says: “This report concludes that the government must select the new hub as a matter of extreme urgency. The decision on EU membership has not altered this fundamental fact. We believe this choice should be one of the first across the new prime minister’s desk.”

The MPs also write that, it is urgent to increase the capacity of passengers in south-east England whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick. If Heathrow Airport does so, then it will have to fulfil various pledges of regional aviation. If Gatwick will expand, then it has similar promise to fulfil.

They added: The tax rate is higher than in any other country except Chad.” Airport passenger duty (APD) hinders exports, distorts the market and hits small carriers hard. As the UK seeks to forge a new trading relationships post-Brexit, we can’t afford to maintain any barriers to trade, including APD. BIG believes that a lowered rate, by boosting the wider economy, would eventually be cost neutral for the Treasury.”

Theresa may, new president of UK is facing a serious challenge regarding the decision of the expansion plan. The former party chairman is demanding an urgent decision on the expansion of London Heathrow Airport. They warned that the delay in the decision is seriously harming the economy of UK.

Source: The Guardian
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