The Expansion Plan of Heathrow Airport Puts Back on Table Again

According to the Boss of British Airways, if the government gives go-ahead for a new runway, then the  alternative cheaper scheme to expand Heathrow Airport should be put back on the table. The Chief Executive of IAG, whose airlines includes Bristish Airways and Iberia that  operates the majority of services at Heathrow airport said that he didn’t expect a decision soon. But, the exorbitant cost meant minister should not be bound to the airport’s own proposal for a third, North-West runway.

However, Heathrow airport is shortlisted as a viable proposition in the commission’s  interim report alongside a second runway at Gatwick. It is an option that the government is still considering.

Heathrow Expansion Plan
Heathrow Expansion Plan

The front runners in Thursday’s London mayoral election, Labor’s Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith, both oppose Heathrow expansion and back Gatwick.

Walsh, The Chief Executive of IAG said:

“I honestly can’t see how you can spend that much money on an airport and not discourage people from flying there. Landing charges for airlines would go up significantly to finance the construction, according to the commission. He added, We have to look not only at whether the demand exists – which I believe it does – but whether you can match that demand with something that’s affordable.”

He also said that:

“As a pilot, retirement age was 55. I was getting used to the idea. Now that I’m approaching that age, I realize that 55 is very, very young. I foolishly made those comments some time ago and I’m never afraid to admit when I got it wrong. There’s a lot more to do. I’m not leaving IAG. As far as I’m concerned, this is my last job.”

The postponement has also averted a public clash between the conservatives and their candidates because they are staunch opponents of Heathrow expansion.

Source: The Guardian
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