The New Prime Minister of UK Chairs the Committee of Heathrow Third Runway

The decision of London Heathrow Airport is still pending and the authorities of the airport and cabinet members are desperately waiting for the final decision. So, Theresa May, the new prime minister of UK took personal charge of cabinet group and push them for final decision. The much delayed decision will be made by the economic affairs sub-committee by October.

The decision of third runway is already very late due to which the society are adversely effecting. Last year, the Davies Commission concluded that building third runway at Heathrow airport is one of the best three options. In December, the government postponed final decision to check the new analysis of the environments impact.

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The Spokesman of Government said:

“In line with the approach of the last government, there will be a cabinet sub-committee to consider airport capacity in the south-east. This will be chaired by the prime minister. We will publish full details of all cabinet committees, implementation taskforces and their membership in due course.”

The New Education Secretary, Greening said

“Trying to expand Heathrow is like trying to build an eight-bedroom mansion on the site of a terraced house, it is a hub airport that is just simply in the wrong place.”

The prime minister returned at work on Wednesday after a walking holiday in the Swiss Alps. All the cabinet member included the Theresa May are in the predicament to take the final decision for the expansion of the airport. The delay in the decision is really affecting the economy.

Theresa May, the new prime minister of UK took a charge of the committee to push the members for final decision of building third runway at Heathrow Airport.  The decision is already pending which is badly affecting the economy.

Source: The Guardian
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