The Rate of Passengers at London Heathrow Airport Declined

On one side, London Heathrow Airport is always struggling for the approval of the expansion plan in its favour. On the other side, London Heathrow Airport has reported a 0.8% decline in the rate of passengers in May. The figures were reduced due to the earlier May bank holiday and later half term. Moreover, the overall passenger growth at the airport remind 1% higher than 2015 due to the deployment of larger aircrafts.

Within the emerging markets, the number of passengers of China increased by 7.5%, Mexico rise by 3.7% and East Asia increased by 2.5%. These results were recorded from Bristish Airways  new services to Kuala Lumpur and Garuda Indonesia.

Passenger Rate Decline at Heathrow
Passenger Rate Decline at Heathrow

The CEO of London Heathrow Airport said:
“Expanding Heathrow will mean 40 new direct connections across the globe, exporting more goods to more markets for the next 70 years and beyond. Heathrow is the right choice to secure a stronger economic future for all of the UK.”

To promote the airport expansion plan. Holland-Kayes also announced five new pledges made to the local residents near the airport, which includes 40,000 new jobs and training opportunities.

Holland-Kayes said:
“I promised that Heathrow will handle traffic congestion by investing in local transportation projects, work in collaboration with local businesses, and develop a lasting legacy for future generations.”

On one side the airport is struggling for taking the final decision in their favour and on the other side, due to the Bank Holiday on May 1st, the rate of the passengers declined up to 0.8%. But, the overall growth increased due to the deployment of larger aircraft.

Source: Airport-Technology
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