Everything You Need to Know about Airport Parking Fines

Passengers usually do not know about the airport parking fines. There are many situations when they can be fined while parking at the airport. For example, if a person has booked long stay parking and he is stuck in the destination due to any reason, the parking providers will give him a fine receipt when he arrives back.

In-case of short term parking, most of the car parks have a system, in which you will have to pay on your exit. So, if you have come to pick some person and have availed short term parking service, then there will be no fine imposed on you.

Airport Parking Fines
Airport Parking Fines

Let’s have a legal look at airport parking fines. The relationship between the parking provider and the passenger comes under contract law. So, if any terms or conditions are broken by the passenger, the company can only claim the loss of revenue (termed as fine). Some companies demand more than actual loss and it is illegal. The best solution to this problem is to contact POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals). Tell them your situation and they will show where you really stand legally.

If you intend to appeal against the fine, do not pay the charges. If have any graphical evidence in support of your appeal, it will help your case.

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