April 5, 2016

Reveal the Hidden Benefits of Off-site Airport Parking

By Shayn Morris Meet and Greet - LHR

Let’s assume a situation. Someone has just asked you about the procedure of airport parking. Your mind will immediately think of the following procedure. You get into your car, drive it to the airport, park it in a compound and go towards the check-in area. Is airport parking really this simple? No!

The frequent travellers know this fact that airport parking has become one of the scariest things while travelling by air. Giving your attention to airport parking hassles is really important because these problems become the cause of bad journeys.

It is very easy to think of booking a space at on-site parking compounds, but you should be ready to receive a scary bill which will ultimately give you a heart attack. It is true that the transfer time decreases by availing on-site parking services. But the cost is too much in this case and the security can’t be ensured either, especially in long term parking situations. This is where off-site parking plays a vital role in providing cost effective benefits to the passengers.

Benefits of Offsite Parking
Benefits of Offsite Parking

There are many types of off-site parking, which include meet and greet, valet parking, park & ride etc. But Heathrow meet and greet is the most popular service among others. Its benefits are countless.

• Reliable and affordable service
• Time saving amenity
• Secure parking compounds with latest security equipments

There is just one thing to remember here. Always inquire about the company before hiring it. The off-site parking frauds are beginning to rise. So, book with a reliable company and head towards a peaceful journey.

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