Creative Solutions for Airport Parking Problems

Many people love to drive by themselves to the airport. But their joy ends when they meet with Heathrow airport parking problems. The main problem is that the number of cars has increased much faster than the available parking space. Therefore, the authorities of both on-site and off-site parking companies need to think creatively and differently, in order to solve the parking problems.

Here we will discuss some of the innovative ideas that have not been implemented by airport parking companies yet. But some of the private ventures are currently using it to save parking space.

Parking Tower:

• Parking tower is currently used by Volkswagen in Germany.
• It is a 20-storey circle shaped building.
• There is a central robotic system which parks and fetches the cars.
• Around 500-600 cars are being parked everyday by Volkswagen.

Although this idea has not been implemented in airport parking, the related companies can take it as the future of car parking. It can be expensive, but it is surely a reliable solution which saves a lot of space.

Innovative Solutions for Airport Parking Problems
Innovative Solutions for Airport Parking Problems

Robotic Parking:

• This particular solution is for the vehicle damage problems caused by the chauffeurs.
• A robot is used to park and fetch the car from the parking compound.
• Again, Germany is the first country to implement this idea.
• A robot named Ray parks the cars, instead of the valets.

Car Stacks:

• In this parking method, multiple cars are parked in a single space.
• A central hydraulic system is used to lift the cars.
• The platform is made of hard steel which can carry heavy cars like SUVs.
• This parking solution is currently available in US.

All of the above mentioned solutions are not yet implemented in UK airports, but we can hope that the parking companies will consider these solutions in the future.

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