December 17, 2015

Parking Issues at Heathrow Airport

By Shayn Morris Parking Problems - LHR

Parking is a serious problem at all the airports of United Kingdom. And it is not just about airports; shopping centres, hotels and public places also suffer with this problem. Travellers find it really difficult to enjoy their vacation without worrying about the security of their cars. Lack of reliable parking services ruins their tours. Here is list of parking issues that travellers face during their journeys.

Heathrow Airport Parking Problems
Heathrow Airport Parking Problems

• The parking rates at Heathrow airport are too high. People can’t afford those services. Therefore, it is necessary to find cost effective Heathrow airport parking. Many companies offer affordable off-site parking services. Choose one of them and manage your budget effectively.
• Security of the vehicle is the major concern for travellers. Many of them find damaged cars upon their arrival. Choose a company which offers secure car parking services. Read the reviews of people regarding security of the services offered by that company. This will definitely give you peace of mind during your journey.
• Sometimes the chauffeur comes very late with your car upon your return from the tour. The reason is that the parking compound of that company is too far away from the airport terminal. Therefore, inquire about the parking compound before hiring a company’s services.
• Many travellers complain about the behavior of the valets. They say that the valet appointed for them was very un-professional and rude. The solution to this problem is to read the reviews of people who have availed that company’s amenities.

Best Meet and Greet Heathrow ensures that the travellers don’t face any of the above mentioned problems. It offers reliable and secure parking services at Heathrow airport.

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