Parking on Yellow Lines and the Restrictions

Many people of UK do not know in depth that what yellow lines on the roads are. Because of this, they receive fine receipts of illegal parking. Yellow line on the side of the roads shows that there are restrictions on parking or waiting, at that particular area.

These lines are places so that the free flow of the traffic is not disturbed at congested areas. There is no doubt that the yellow lines are in the public interest and they help the people to enjoy the driving and not getting disturbed by illegal parking.

There are two types of yellow lines.

Single Yellow Lines:
• If you see a single yellow line on the side of a road, then remember that these lines allow the drivers to stop their cars temporarily, just to pick up or drop off the passengers or if something gets wrong with your car.
• You cannot wait longer than the time specified.
• The time is usually displayed on a near sign-board.
• Other than those time ranges, you are allowed to park your car there.

Yellow Lines and Parking
Yellow Lines and Parking

Double Yellow Lines:
• This type of yellow lines means that you cannot wait there at any time.
• You can stop to unload or load the luggage, unless there are restrictions on this thing too.
• If there are restrictions, they should be displayed on a nearby sign-board.
• The only times you are allowed to park the car on the double yellow lines is when police asks you to or if you need to change a flat tyre.

Parking on yellow lines is way more different than parking Heathrow. So, keep in mind the restrictions while travelling by road.

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