April 7, 2016

Who is Responsible for Parking Issues?

By Stella Woods Parking Problems - LHR

Whenever there is a parking issue, the reasons which hit our mind are high prices, less space, no security etc. We always blame the airports or companies providing parking services. But have you ever thought that the passengers also make mistakes? If you haven’t, then you probably need to rethink.

We can blame the parking providers anytime. But we, as passengers, have our responsibilities too. Without any doubt, we can say that many people have seen other individuals who park their cars poorly. They don’t know how to park a car on the street or in the on-site compounds at the airport. Some people park the vehicle in such a way that it takes the place of two cars. Blaming the companies is easy, but fulfilling the responsibilities is difficult and that is what we should do.

Parking Problems
Parking Problems

Here is what the passengers should do, in order to fulfill their responsibilities of parking.

• British Parking Association (BPA) issues a guide for the people which includes the responsibilities regarding parking.
• Read the guide carefully and follow the instructions.
• If you want a more convenient method, then search online. There are thousands of websites which can teach you the tips on how to park a car.
• While parking a car, remember that other people also need space for their cars. Try to park in a way that the car takes as minimum space as it can.

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