December 21, 2015

How to Travel Safely in Fog

By Stella Woods Travel Tips

Since the past fifty days, all the airports of United Kingdom have experienced extreme fog. For some of these days, the visibility dropped to only 150m at Heathrow airport. Many flights were cancelled due to this reason. Apart from the airports delays, people were stuck in their homes due to fog. After all, it is too dangerous to drive in intense fog. But if you have an emergency and it is necessary to drive, then you must follow the guidelines for travelling in fog.

Fog Travel Guidelines
Fog Travel Guidelines

Mentioned below are some of these tips that will help you in such situations:

•    First of all, as discussed above, you should only drive if you have to. There is nothing more precious than your life.
•    Before going out, check weather and traffic reports on your mobile or on the radio. With a smartphone, you can see latest weather reports in a few seconds.
•    Check the headlights of the car before you venture out the doors. Check if they are working on both front and back sides or not.
•    Turn on the fog lights when the weather becomes too bad. It is a requirement that all cars must have fog lights. So, yours must have it too. Remember that you can only turn them on if the dipped beam lights are on.
•    It is advisable to not play any music in your car in the foggy conditions. Because if you won’t hear the traffic in these conditions, then you will be in danger.
•    Always keep a reasonable distance from other car on the road. Many accidents in foggy weather are caused due to drivers not having enough distance between their cars.
•    Last but not the least, don’t change lanes when there is fog outside. This is the stupidest action to do while driving in the bad weather.
•    Usually the parking compounds at airports are full in this weather. Therefore, you should hire a company which is offering reliable car parking at Heathrow services.

Remember that your security is the most important thing. Try avoiding any stupid action while driving, because it can get you killed!

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