Travelling with Friends – Is it just for Survival or Fun?

We have heard many stories of people who travelled with their friends and said that the trips were mere ‘survival’. Why do people say it? Is it really difficult to travel with your friends? No! It is not difficult. The thing is, people think that travelling with their drinking buddies or girlfriends, who they met just 2 weeks ago, is going to be fun. But they end up fighting with them on multiple situations. There are multiple solutions for this problem. Let’s take a look at them.

Choosing your Companion:
You have met a guy a week ago. You think he is really funny and it would be good to have his company while travelling. You are wrong! This guy will be a totally different person when you will travel with him. 50% problems of travelling with friends happen due to this point. Choose that person whose companionship you enjoy on different situations.

It is always recommended that you decide the budget while planning for the trip. Know his/her comfort preferences and tell him/her yours. It is possible that you want to save some money by walking down to your hotel while the other person wants to travel on the bus. So, make a list of available funds and then start the tour.

Travelling with Friends
Travelling with Friends

Taking Responsibilities:
There is no argument that the responsibilities should not be shared. If you share the stress and planning of travelling, then you will share the fun and excitement of it too.

Willing to Compromise:
There is one simple rule. If you don’t want to compromise, go for solo travelling, because it is imperative to compromise while travelling with friends. You may get angry on various situations during the tour but ultimately, you have to compromise with them.

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