June 23, 2016

What Guidelines Are Important For the First Time travellers?

By Stella Woods Travel Tips

Summer holidays are at its peak and people are planning to go for a trip with their families. Some of the people will travel for the first time in their life. So, they have to plan all the services in advance. Travel planning is necessary to have a peaceful and smooth experience of the summer holidays. Travellers are always looking for a good time for a trip. For that, they have to arrange a lot of things in advance. Pre-booking is the best solution to avoid the hassle at the airport.

First Time Travellers
First Time Travellers

Guidelines for the first time travellers

• Check the schedule of your flight online.
• Keep all the travel documents with you.
• Don’t pack prohibited items in your luggage.
• Reach 3 hours before your flight.
• Book car park Heathrow in advance and meet the chauffeur at the terminal of the airport to hand over your car for parking.
• If you have a lot of luggage, take a luggage trolley which is free to use.
• Show your passport, identity card and flight ticket at the airport entry gate.
• Collect the boarding pass and baggage tag from the counter, so that the next person in queue can check-in.
• Attach the baggage tag to your hand-carry.
• Look at the boarding pass and locate your boarding gate and time.
• Now, you have to wait in the queue for more security checks. At your turn, place your luggage on the conveyor belt for screening.
• If you have a laptop in your luggage, then you will have to remove it and place it separately for screening.
• You also have to walk through a melt detector.
• Collect your luggage and walk towards your boarding gate and wait for boarding to start till the time mentioned at your pass.
• When boarding starts, present your pass, identity card, passport and flight ticket to the airline attendant for verification.
• From here, you board on a bus that will take you to aircraft or you might board to the aircraft via an aerobridge.
• Once in the aircraft, the air hostess will ask you about the seat number and guide you to your seat.
• Once at your seat, place your hand luggage in the overhead bin and sit comfortably and fasten your seat belt.
• Now, you are ready to go

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