How to Use Heathrow Airport Valet Parking Appropriately?

As on-site airport parking has become a total mess, thousands of people use valet parking Heathrow, in order to have a safe and clean vehicle on their arrival. Valet parking is an extraordinary service which saves time, money and energy of person who drives on his own car to the airport, rather than availing the services of a taxi.

But many passengers usually don’t know about the proper procedure of using a valet parking amenity. You may have wondered about how to rightly avail this service. If you do it wrong from the start to the end, then you may experience a poor service and an un-comfortable exchange with the valet.

Valet Parking Heathrow
Valet Parking Heathrow

How to Appropriately Use Valet Parking Service?

• Pay attention to the valet. He will give you the directions on where to stop your car. Don’t just pull up anywhere you want. Follow his instructions.
• The valet staff of many companies opens the vehicle door for the passengers and they usually don’t know about it. If the valet is approaching to your car, sit calmly and let him open the door. He can also help you with your luggage.
• You don’t have to tell the valet about how to drive the car. The valets are usually professional and skilled. But if there is any irregular thing about your car, like if the alarm is finicky, tell him about it.
• Upon your arrival, hand over the parking ticket to the valet. Usually the valet will ask you first about it.
• If you are planning to tip the valet, then do it right after you have entered the car.
• Follow the directions of valet when driving away from the terminal. He will tell you about the traffic too.

Valet parking is a remarkable service, only if you use it properly. Have an excellent experience with this amenity and enjoy your trip.

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