Questions & Answers about Long Term Parking

Long term parking is way more risky than short term parking and this is the reason that people tend to ask so many questions about it. Therefore, for your convenience, we have summed up the common questions asked by the travellers about long term parking.

Q: People complain about the batteries going down when parked for long term. What should I do to make sure that it doesn’t happen?

A: A battery work for usually 4 to 5 years. If the battery of the car hasn’t been replaced for a long time, you should do it before going for a long vacation.

Q: What about the tyres of the car?

A: Always check the pressure of the cars before going on the vacation. If you think reducing tyre pressure in snowy condition will help you in safe driving, then you are wrong. Don’t do it!

Long Term Parking
Long Term Parking

Q: In UK, weather changes quickly. What can I do to save my car from bad weather?

A: Yes, that is right! Weather changes really quickly in UK. Put silicon based polish on a piece of cloth and apply it on the rubbers of the doors. It will keep the doors from freezing.

Q: I have never left my car at the airport for long term parking. Now I am going to vacation. So tell me what can I do to ensure the security of the car?

A: The best option is to hire a company which offers secure Heathrow airport valet parking services. Because your car should be parked in a safe compound if you are going for a long vacation.

Q: Any other tips about long term parking?

A: If you come back and find snow on the car, make sure that you remove it completely before driving off.

If you have any other questions about long term parking, do ask them in the comment box below.

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